F68 Wifi Ultra HD 4K 2.0 Screen Viewing Angles Adjustable Waterproof Outdoor Sports Action Camera


F68 Wifi Ultra HD 4K 2.0 Screen Viewing Angles Adjustable Waterproof Outdoor Sports Action Camera F68 4KAction Camera Features: Notice: Before using the camera, please read the following safety precautions; Pleasefollow the instructions of the manual to operate the camera correctly: such asillegal operation may cause damage of internal components. Donot fall or hit this product, otherwise easy to cause damage to internalcomponents. Forsafety consideration, the product and its accessories as far as possible beaway from the kids or animals to avoid accidents. Donot put the camera for a long time in wet or dusty environment. May cause theleakage or cause fire. Pleasedo not put the camera for a long time at high temperature condition, such asexposure, may cause the camera casing and damage internal components. Tomaximize battery efficacy, we suggest you use this production under -10 to 70degrees temperature. Before plug the memory card, please make sure the camera wasturned off, avoid cause CARDS or store data is damaged. Camera is in use for a period of time temperature ,it isnormal phenomenon. When using do not touch the lens, avoid affecting the videoresults. Please use a hair dryer (special lens blowing equipment)clean the lens or use special rotating lens wiping cloth to wipe the lens,clean surface fingerprints or dust. Resolution:UHD 24FPS/QHD 30FPS/FHD 60FPS /FHD 30FPS/HD 120FPS/HD 60FPS/HD 30FPS / WVGA 30FPS/VGA 240FPS Loopvideo:3 minutes /5 minutes /10 minutes RSC:ON/OFF WDR:on/off Time-lapseRecord:OFF/100ms/200ms/500ms/1sec/5 seconds Motion detection: ON/OFF RecordAudio: off / on (default is ON) date Stamp: ON/OFF FOV:170/140/110/70 Diving mode:ON/OFF Night Scene: ON/OFF Capture Mode:Single/2STimer/5S Timer/10S Timer Image Size:20M5120*3840/16M 4608*3456/12M 4032*3024/10M 3648*2736/8M 3264*2448/5M2592*1944/3M 2048*1536/VGA 640*480 Burst:ON/OFF Quality:Fine/Normal/Economy Sharpness:Strong/Normal/Soft WhiteBalance:Auto/Daylight/Cloudy/Tungsten/Fluorescent Color:Color/Black&White/Sepia ISO:Auto/100/200/400 Exposure:-2----+2 Anti-Shaking:ON/OFF Delete:DeleteCurrent/Delete All Protect:Lock Current/UnlockCurrent/Lock All/Unlock All Auto Poweroff:OFF/3min/5min/10min Beep sound:ON/OFF CAR ACCON/OFF Language:ENGLISH/FRANAIS/ESPAOL/Portuguese/DEUTSCH/ITALANO///PYCCK TVmode NTSC/PAL TVoutput: off / on Screen Save: OFF/30Sec/1Min/3Min Frequency: 60 HZ / 50HZ Format: SD card (cancel/confirm) Default settings: cancel /OK Specification Image Sensor 12 Mega Pixel Sony cqk LCD 2.0 LTPS Screen Image resolution 20M 5120*3840/16M 4608*3456/12M 4032*3024/10M 3648*2736/8M 3264*2448/5M 2592*1944/3M 2048*1536/VGA 640*480 Video resolution 4K @ 24fps, 2K (2560*1440)@ 30FPS 1080P(1920*1080)@ 60FPS, 720P (1280 x 720) @ 120FPS, VGA @ 240fps Default resolution Video:1080P / Picture:4032*3024 Image/Video file format Video format: MP4 / Image format:JPG Zoom 5x digital zoom Lens Adjustable wide-angle fish-eye lens Adjust between 170&70 Memory Slot for Micro SD card up to 32 GB *Selected 64gb & 128gb Cards OSD language ENGLISH/FRANAIS/ESPAOL/Portuguese/DEUTSCH/ITALANO/ //PYCCK// Connections USB 2.0 , HDMI (HDMI Certified) Battery life 80 minutes(1080P) Battery Battery Detachable 1050mAh Dimensions 6142.425 mm Weight 58g (without batteries),74g with batteries Accessories waterproof case, waterproof case bracket, waterproof case clip,bike bracketmultifunction clip, camera clip, helmet seat, bandagescleaning cloth, 3M stickers, USB cable,bracket adapter,manual etc. Applications Extreme Sports, Outdoor Sport Activities,Bicycle,Car DVR, Diving,Home security etc

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