Bacon and Egg Couple Matching Mugs- His and Hers Matching Coffee Mug Cup

What is America's number one favorite breakfast menu? Bacon and Eggs with Coffee! Who can't resist that sizzling bacon smell with soft eggs on the side, along with tender and warm smell of morning coffee? You'll devour this perfect breakfast every morning! We know that bacon, eggs, and coffee are one perfect match made in heaven and we couldn't let that slip by our head! Enjoy our Don't Go Bacon My Heart, I Couldn't If I Fried mugs every morning with your coffee :) Best Gift Ideas for Holiday, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Halloween, and any other Special Occasions. Order now this Cute Graphic Designed Coffee Mug!
    Perfect Couple Matching Coffee Mug for Valentines Day, Anniversary, Christmas for Couples/ Best Gift Idea Professionally Designed & printed by 365 Printing. Permanent designs don't peel or wash off High-Quality Mug, Item Size: 3.75" (95 mm) height x 3.23" (83 mm) diameter / 11 oz and Premium 365 Printing Inc Brand Packaging Box 100% FLAWLESS CERAMIC SMOOTHNESS: Enjoy your coffee, cocoa, tea, warm cinnamon wine, in the morning or a hot cup of milk before going to bed. The mug’s soothing white color and smooth textured surface, will enhance pleasantly your drinking experience

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