Helsinki Bookend Pair Elephant Chiseled Charismatic Creation


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Polish Your Bookshelf In An Amusing Style With This Unique And Supportive Pair Of Elephant Modeled Classic Bookend. Carved From The Premium Grade Wood And Superb Quality Polystyrene, This Valuable Bookend Pair Keeps Your Books Securely Upright In A Row. Measuring 7 Inches In Width, 5 Inches In Length And 8 Inches In Height, This Enduring Handiwork Not Only Serves As A Useful Prop But Also An Enchanting Home Decor. Ideal For Personal As Well As Mini Libraries, This Aesthetically Rocking Bookend Pair Comes At A Very Reasonable Cost. Owing To Its Usability And Charm, It Forms One Of The Greatest Artifacts For Gifting Book Lovers. Adorned With Creative Design And Robust Framework, This Dynamic Elephant Modeled Bookend Pair Is Capable Of Holding A Substantial Number Of Books.

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